Polymer Sazan-e-Sina Company Started its activities by producing modified polyester chips and specialized additives in PET recycling context in 2010. This company with owning technical and specialized knowledge in PET recycling obviates a major part of artisans needs. This company in initial stages of its activities considering its novitiate has started its activities in recycling and recycled granule production chiefly, but considering managers innovation and their unremitting effort, this company has succeeded to produce new products according to modern technologies in a short time. The general politic and slogan of polymer Sazan-e-Sina Company is promoting the quality level of its products, updating formulation and customer's satisfaction so that it believes in this motto:

"customer is always right". All the company and its managers efforts, considering their past practical and management experiences in PET recycling field, is solving all the polyester industry problems of the country, specially PET recycling by special insider products such as Pet's special antioxidant additives, additive for viscosity inscosity increase and molecular weight, additive for final carboxyl and hydroxyl and group reduction in PET's chain, additive for PVC contamination effect reduction in PET production process etc.

This company considering its special products has widely helped in keeping national capital because of returning unusable materials into production cycle.