Daya Rangdaneh Markazi Company; is an affiliated company of Polymersazan Sina Group, Co. established in 2019, located in Delijan City, Markazi Province, Iran. Whereas, the city of Delijan is the center of Fiber Manufacturing in Iran, therefore, Daya, Rangdaneh Co. started its production line, particularly, based on PET, in order to cater raw material of the polyester Fiber manufacturers in Delijan. The policy of this company is providing its raw material from reliable companies; and, using modern technologies of the world, as well as, technicians who are expertise in manufacturing masterbach, in order to receive to a high quality as it is demanded by the customers. The process of producing line is based on the Shade samples that to be chosen from the catalog by a customer or the received samples from the customers. The final goal of the company is getting to a high and beast quality, in the proper time, and satisfaction of the customer is the important desire of the company. Finally; it is important to note that receiving any technical suggestion and direction from customers would highly be respected and appreciated, in advance.

We are proud to announce that Daya Co. a subsidiary of Polymersazan Group Co. by increasing its capability/quality, is able to produce the different types of PET Recycle granules (raw materials) to be used for diversity of PET applications, including but not limited to, bottle grade (BG), film, belt, polyester cotton, non-food grade usages in general, with different high Intensity Viscosity (IV). This company by using new production line and modern equipment as well as technicians and expertise who are experienced in this field, succeeded to provide and supply such granules to customers. Daya Co. is the unique manufacture of PET Recycle of production line with such high IV of PET Recycle in Iran. This new activity of Daya Co. can be considered very important phase to polymer industry that able the factories and manufactures of such applications to find and have access to a high IV of the PET Recycle granules for different purposes, confidentially.

Product category :
1- Preform IV : 0.80- 0.85

2- Fiber and polyester yarn IV : 0.60 – 0.65

3- Film and PET Belt IV : 0.65-0.75